Sri is the first name that comes to mind when I think of having pictures taken, whether it be a family portrait, self portraits or an occasion. The reason for this obvious choice is simple, he is EXCELLENT at what he does. He takes his photography to another level, by this I mean he puts his Heart into it. His need for the perfect shot is what comforts me, because I know that I will have the best product once he is done! I would recommend him to anyone that wants top quality pictures because that is what he stands for.

He took pregnancy pictures of me with my husband at month 6 of my pregnancy, pictures of my baby boy at 6 months and most recently we just had a family portrait done and my son is now 1.5 years. He understands that kids are busy bodies with crazy temperaments! He is very patient and manages to get that smile or that wonderful expression out of the child! His wife Jana, also my good friend, partners with him in entertaining the kids so they are in the best of spirits. What is more precious than a happy smiling child? And it is those very moments that he captures!

Shalu R. Chicago, IL

One year old Vivaan runs up to me as I work on my laptop and purposefully says “baby”. I know exactly what he wants – we have been through this routine several times in the last couple months, ever since he learned to speak a few words (‘baby’ was fourth on his list, after ‘dada’,’ mama’, and ‘touchdown’).

I minimize all windows on my laptop to show him the wallpaper, a photo of him as 5-week- old staring soulfully into the camera, shot by Sri. He admires it for a few moments and, with a satisfied grin, ambles off to continue his favorite activity of pretending to talk to grandma on the phone. I spend a few minutes watching my happy, always-on-the-move, eager, bright-eyed son, my mind going back for a moment to the chaos of his birth on election day 2008 and to all the good times in the last one year – our first trip together (Las Vegas, when he was 6 weeks old), his first steps (at 8 and a half months), his obvious delight when he learned how to demand his favorite food ( “dahi”, Hindi for yogurt), his amazing good humor through the two 4-hour photo shoots with Sri that resulted in photos that adorn our walls and that even he can’t get enough of .

I get back to work, thinking for the millionth time how glad I was that I paid attention when a mutual friend showed me some samples of Sri’s work when I was 5 months pregnant and suggested I have him take pictures of me during my pregnancy and of my baby once he was born.

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